About The Foundation

The American Dystonia Foundation (ADF) was formed in November, 2008.

The present activities include holding discussions with the Board of Directors to determine the direction of the organization, projects for which to seek funding, and developing a fundraising matrix of foundation and government grant possibilities.

We are also putting together materials on the Dystonia Disease in a brochure format to disseminate to schools, and hospitals. The present activities also include contacting other organizations working on Dystonia related projects so that there is no overlapping of efforts or waste of resources.

The future activities will include but not be limited to:

Providing scholarships to medical graduate students to continue an extra period of time in school on Dystonia

Building a database of Dystonia related resources for patients, families and medical providers

Coordinating a central clearinghouse for donated items for use in sales to help fund Dystonia research projects, and donated medical equipment (wheelchairs) for patients and families without financial resources to purchase on their own

Organizing Special Events to publicize Dystonia, and educate the public about the disease